Management Profiles

Kuhlke Construction and Associates, Inc. has an uncommon commitment to providing exceptional construction services. The experience and knowledge of our professionals is without equal in the local market.

HankHank Griffin - President & CEO
Hank graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction Technology. He has accumulated over 25 years of experience in all technical and management disciplines within the industry. Hank’s primary experience has been in the role of project planning and development with heavy emphasis on estimating and scheduling. He has been directly involved in the planning and estimating of over 2,000 construction projects of all types ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to over 100 million dollars. As President, Hank is directly involved in insuring that the commitments and obligations we have made are being achieved. Hank is personally involved in each project to support the human and technical resources that have been allocated to achieve project goals. Hank’s devotion to the overall mission of the company ensures that steady growth and profitability is achieved without compromising our purpose to serve our clients.
Mike_for_ResumeMike Mullan - Executive Vice President
As Vice President and Senior Project Manager, Mike accepts the most challenging projects that KCA performs. During his 30 years of service to KCA Mike has achieved an enormous wealth of experience and knowledge of management practices and construction methods that yield great efficiencies for our clients. Mike has an array of experience with all types of construction and delivery methods. His special skills include, among others, a well honed design capability that makes him a valuable asset to any design/build team. He leads the KCA project management program and serves as a leader and a mentor to our younger managers. Mike takes great pride in his work and the result of his dedication is evident in the number of repeat clients that he serves.
sylvia_cheek-4633Sylvia Cheek - Chief Financial Officer
Sylvia has accumulated over 30 years of experience in accounting and financial management specifically within the construction industry. She has served the mission and the clients of KCA for over 9 years. Sylvia brings a widely respected competency and uncompromising standard of excellence to her work. She manages the company’s accounting function utilizing extensive technical resources. Sylvia has the ability to provide a number of customized and highly detailed reports illustrating the financial activity of our projects for those clients who have selected this service. Additionally she will ensure that KCA remains compliant with the many regulatory requirements affecting our industry including numerous government regulations, insurance maintenance, safety reporting and other administrative functions. Sylvia’s talent and dedication to her work support and greatly enhance the ability of our managers and field staff to provide superior services to our clients.
Marks_Resume_PicMark Kitchens - Industrial Services Manager
Mark leads the Industrial Services division of KCA. Mark brings 10 years of experience working directly within industrial environments. Mark’s experience and extensive knowledge of the many unique aspects of the industrial setting makes him a sought after resource among local buyers of industrial services. Mark demands an intense commitment from anyone working on his projects to the rigorous KCA safety and hazardous materials policy. KCA is extremely proud of the quality of work Mark has provided our clients. His value is clearly evident in the many sustained relationships Mark has built with facility & plant managers in our service area. Mark has the support and respect of the many professional welders, mechanics and helpers that he leads in the service to our clients. Mark’s special skills and extensive knowledge is the foundation upon which our industrial division is built.
Billy_Resume_PicBilly Shelton - Project Manager
Billy is one of the most talented project managers on our staff. He has achieved exceptional success for his clients on numerous projects during his 10 years in the construction industry. Billy has been assigned some of KCA’s most challenging projects in recent years and performed admirably. Billy’s dedication and commitment to his Owner’s goals is a brilliant example of the overall KCA business philosophy. His competency, his experience and his personal character bring a tangible value to any project team.
Daniel_Resume_PicDaniel Moon - Project Manager
Daniel came to KCA as a project manager in July of 2006. He came with a number of talents and special skills that he acquired and developed during his 17 years of experience as Director of Engineering in a local production and manufacturing plant. His unique experience is ideally suited for the task of project management. He has a clear understanding of the planning and technical skills required to complete a commercial construction project on-time and on-budget. Additionally, Daniel has a well developed proficiency with CAD design applications and has utilized these talents to add value to many of the projects he has completed.
Brians_Resume_PicBrian Ellis - Construction Manager
Brian is a 33 year employee of Kuhlke Construction & Associates, Inc. (KCA). His technical knowledge and hands-on experience is without equal. Brian has been involved in building construction for over 40 years. During his tenure, he has accepted the challenge of supervising the most difficult and complex projects that KCA has completed. There is likely no on-site dilemma or obstacle that Brian has not encountered and overcome during his many years working in the field. The kind of technical know-how and ingenuity he has amassed can only be obtained from years and years of experience in the trenches. Brian has also developed a respected leadership style. Brian now serves our clients by supervising the entire KCA field staff and offering his skills and leadership to each of the project superintendents on a regular basis. Brian will coordinate the allocation of various KCA field resources and serve an extra eye on each of our projects.